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Music is the language of our spirit, the universal expression of feelings and emotions. It has no boundaries, and can never be confined to a gallery or museum. Music brings beauty and meaning to our lives and gives voice to our grief and pain. Too many times in recent memory we’ve heard the staccato notes of violence in our communities. This concert, “Through the Storm,” reflects on peace, hope and healing. It is about us coming together to experience and reflect on the joy and beauty in our worlds, the light that triumphs over darkness.

Nationally acclaimed, Virginia composer Kathleen Wissinger directed the premiere of “Through the Storm: Hope Endures." The piece is "Dedicated to the victims and survivors of the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16, 2007 by the VTV Family Outreach Foundation and numerous private donors." It was commissioned by the VTV Family Outreach Foundation and numerous private donors.

Music available.

Click below to listen to the premiere, performed by Timberline.

recording by Penguin Digital

Are you interested in purchasing a CD (audio) and/or DVD (video) of the May 2013 concert?

The cost is $20 each, payable by check to Timberline Handbell Ensemble. Please email us for mailing instructions.